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Student Devices & Responsibilities

Appropriate use includes but is not limited to the following guidelines or examples. The District reserves the right to create, modify and interpret the guidelines.

  1. Protect your logon information from others. Do not use other users’ passwords or share your password with others.
  2. Use of the District’s electronic network and devices shall only be for educational purposes. Do not use the electronic network or devices for personal, entertainment, commercial or any other non-curricular purposes. 
  3. Respect District property and be responsible in the use of the equipment while it is in your care.
  4. Comply with copyright laws at all times.
  5.  Do not “hack” the District’s network or access confidential information or files. 
  6. Do not destroy, modify or abuse the hardware or software in any way. (Example: Intentional breakage of the device or accessories, changing settings, removing labels, barcodes, or other identifying information.) 
  7. Do not delete or add software to District equipment or engage in practices that may threaten the network such as accessing files that may contain viruses.
  8. Do not attempt to bypass the District’s internet content filter.
  9. Do not use District technology for illegal or inappropriate purposes.
  10. Do not use the internet to access inappropriate or obscene material.
  11. Do not reveal personal information about yourself or others.
  12. Be ethical and courteous and use appropriate language.
  13. District technology may not be used to interfere or disrupt other users, services or equipment.
  14. Do not use District technology for commercial or non-curricular activity.
  15. Do not engage in “cyberbullying.” Cyberbullying will not be tolerated. 

The failure of any student to follow the terms of the Acceptable Use Procedures/Guidelines for Students will result in the loss of privileges, disciplinary action, and/or appropriate legal action.