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Internet Pause and Content Filtering

Internet Pause - After School Hours 

To help students / families take a "pause" from technology during nighttime hours, students will have the internet disabled between the hours of 10:00pm CST and 6:00am CST on district laptops.  When accessing the internet during the "pause" students will be prompted with the screen below. 


Lightspeed-Internet Disabled

Tools provided by Lightspeed
HSD153 is excited to implement these additional tools to assist parents / guardians stay informed regarding their students internet activity.  
Weekly Parent Reports
Parents / guardians can signup for a weekly Parent Report, which will provide a list of the top sites their student visited.  Parents / guardians will receive an email from Lightspeed over the weekend containing their students browsing activity for the week.  If parents / guardians want more detailed information, they can sign up for the Lightspeed Parent Portal and log-in anytime to see more detail about their student's browsing activity. Information regarding Lightspeed Parent Portal registration is provided at the bottom of the Weekly Parent Report.
If interested in receiving the Weekly Parent Report, please click here to sign up.  HSD153 Technology Team will validate the enrolling parent’s / guardian's email in Infinite Campus (SIS) and once processed, the parent will receive a weekly report each weekend.  Please allow up to 5 school days for account validation.  Once complete, the registered parent will receive an email from the Technology Team.
Sample Parent Report
With the Lightspeed Parent Portal within Lightspeed Filter™, parents can view their child’s internet activity any time to make sure they’re safe and focused on learning.
Parent Portal Sample
***Thank you to all the families that completed the "HSD153 Internet Pause Feedback Survey" at the end of the 2021 school year.  Based on the feedback we received, we will be continuing with the Internet Pause moving forward.  We will also continue to offer Churchill and James Hart families the opportunity to sign up for the weekly Internet Browsing History Report.