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2018-2023 Strategic Plan

2018-2023 Strategic Plan: First Year Update

On June 10, 2019, District 153 reconvened its strategic planning committee to report back on the progress made during the first year of the 2018-2023 strategic plan. This is the presentation from that meeting. (There is no sound.) A PDF version is below.

2018-2023 Strategic Plan: Goals and Action Steps


Mitigate the structural deficit

  • Update long range projections FY19 – FY23
  • Identify revenue opportunities and partner with local businesses or other entities

Manage costs while maintaining quality of our schools

  • Explore cost sharing opportunities
  • Review all spending needs and prioritize 


Ensure physical spaces are sufficient

  • Conduct enrollment and space study
  • Reallocate/add space as necessary

Upgrade facilities for flexibility and innovation

  • Utilize school architect to review facility needs
  • Seek input to ensure facilities align with curricular needs


Social and Emotional Health

Raise awareness/educate about mental health issues

  • Implement social/emotional curriculum
  • Develop a communication model for all stakeholders to feel safe and supported

Promote good citizenship and core values

  • Incorporate emotional awareness strategies
  • Provide character education and PBIS strategies to enhance student success



Expand and integrate technology

  • Update network infrastructure and acquire additional devices
  • Include technology components in curricular resources

Provide training and professional development

  • Focus professional development on best practices
  • Provide resources for parents and students to support learning at home


Human Resources

Promote a positive culture to ensure strong relationships

  • Develop communication plans
  • Identify steps to promote positive climate

Hire highly qualified diverse staff

  • Access college resources for recruitment
  • Create partnerships with universities to identify potential candidates


Community & Public Relations

Increase engagement with families to provide resources

  • Hold a “Back-to –School” event for entire district
  • Create “welcome packet” for new families

Tell the 153 story

  • Create short videos about 153
  • Redesign website and logo


Many thanks for the contributions and support from the participants of the Strategic Long Range Planning Committee:

Anne Barry Tom Dockweiler Melissa Lawson Jim Schmidt
CeCe Belue Bonnie Fanelli Ian MacLeod Caryn Shannon
Ashanti Bethea Brian Fogarty Melanie Mandisodza Anne Siegler
Liz Binnendyk John Gibson Jim Marino Tabitha Stine
Bridget Bosch Crystal Gladney Shelly Marks Rick Thiernau
Alex Bosch Deb Havighorst Scott McAlister R.J. Van Swol
Tom Brabec Steve Johnson Tracie Moxley Paris Walker
Amy Brecheisen Mary Beth Johnson Margie Nilles Ann Marie Webster
Clark Carey Pam Kappmeyer Cheri Pesina Beth White
Vito D'Astici Terry Keigher Patti Pohrte Sarah Whitlock
Margie D'Astici Nikki Kerr Dan Pohrte John Whitlock
Rita Davenport Nicole LaPorte Nick Quirke La'Shone Zinnerman
Carolyn Deady Greg Lawrence Kathy Schaeflein Ron Zinnerman