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2018-2023 Strategic Plan


Mitigate the structural deficit

  • Update long range projections FY19 – FY23
  • Identify revenue opportunities and partner with local businesses or other entities

Manage costs while maintaining quality of our schools

  • Explore cost sharing opportunities
  • Review all spending needs and prioritize 


Ensure physical spaces are sufficient

  • Conduct enrollment and space study
  • Reallocate/add space as necessary

Upgrade facilities for flexibility and innovation

  • Utilize school architect to review facility needs
  • Seek input to ensure facilities align with curricular needs


Social and Emotional Health

Raise awareness/educate about mental health issues

  • Implement social/emotional curriculum
  • Develop a communication model for all stakeholders to feel safe and supported

Promote good citizenship and core values

  • Incorporate emotional awareness strategies
  • Provide character education and PBIS strategies to enhance student success



Expand and integrate technology

  • Update network infrastructure and acquire additional devices
  • Include technology components in curricular resources

Provide training and professional development

  • Focus professional development on best practices
  • Provide resources for parents and students to support learning at home


Human Resources

Promote a positive culture to ensure strong relationships

  • Develop communication plans
  • Identify steps to promote positive climate

Hire highly qualified diverse staff

  • Access college resources for recruitment
  • Create partnerships with universities to identify potential candidates


Community & Public Relations

Increase engagement with families to provide resources

  • Hold a “Back-to –School” event for entire district
  • Create “welcome packet” for new families

Tell the 153 story

  • Create short videos about 153
  • Redesign website and logo