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About Us

Welcome to District 153!

Our Mission


All children will learn; all children will be served.

Our Values

We believe that …

  • Change is a constant in society: therefore, schools must anticipate and embrace change.
  • Students must learn through real life situations to be prepared to successfully live in a world that we cannot predict.
  • The school and home should work together with one primary purpose: to create life-long learners.
  • Expectations help set the level of student achievement.
  • Learning should be intellectually challenging for both staff and students.
  • Students must take a responsible, active role in their own learning process.
  • The school should provide all students with the opportunities, tools, challenges, and motivation to achieve their potential.
  • A safe environment must be provided which will foster responsibility and respect.
  • Positive character traits of honesty, responsibility, dependability, loyalty, and integrity should be taught and reinforced by the home and the school in partnership.
  • An environment must be provided where intellectual risk taking is valued and mistakes are looked upon as opportunities for personal growth.
  • Diversity of beliefs, intellectual abilities, style, ethnic background, individual needs, and culture is to be encouraged, respected, developed, shared, and celebrated.
  • Family and community involvement and interaction are essential for the success of children and schools.
  • The schools must effectively use taxpayer’s funds and build mutual trust in providing a valued educational asset to the community.