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Request a Parent Portal Account

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The Parent Portal account is for parents/guardians only.

Homewood School District 153 is very excited to offer you an opportunity to become more involved with daily life in our schools through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. The Parent Portal allows easy communication between parents/guardians, students, schools and staff. All you need is access to the internet. Each parent/guardian may set up an individual account. The account will remain active for as long as you have a student enrolled in District 153.

All of the District 153 schools allow parents/guardians to view student lunch accounts, fees, bus information, household contact information, immunizations and attendance. In addition, parents/guardians of James Hart students will be able to view the school calendar, announcements and notices, student schedules, to do lists, grades, assignments and reports. Your account will give you access to each student’s information even if you have students enrolled in several schools in our district.

You will receive your Parent Portal key via email ten working days after completing this form. If you are completing this form at the beginning of the school year, the turnaround time may be longer due to the volume of requests received at that time.

Please do not complete this form if you already have an account. If you have forgotten your username or password, please request a new password from the Parent Portal login page. You may also email the Parent Portal at: [email protected].