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Thank you for visiting the HSD153 Parent Technology Resource Page.  If you have general questions regarding your student's remote learning, please contact your student's teacher.  The technology leaders throughout the district have created / located videos, tutorials and resources to assist you and your student during remote learning.  Additional resources will be added throughout the year.  If you are in need of additional technology support, please use the "tech support" link at the top-right corner of this page.  Once a request is submitted, someone from our district tech team will contact you as soon as possible.  The district tech team will be monitoring the tech system Monday - Friday from 8am to 3pm & 4pm to 6pm.  If a request is placed after support hours, the technology department will assist you as soon as possible on the following school day.
Parent Technology Support Ticket System
Support Hours
M-F 8am-3pm and 4pm-6pm

What is Clever?

  • Clever offers single sign-on (SSO) which grants students and teachers access to all their learning applications with a single set of credentials through the Clever Portal. Once you click on the Clever icon on your desktop and login using the credentials provided above, you will have access to applications used at your school.  The district will be adding applications as the year goes on.  So, please be patient as the technology department works to get all school apps accessible through Clever.


How do I connect my student device to the internet at home?

  • District computing devices are configured to allow connections to home and public Wi-Fi networks. The HSD153 Technology Department is unable to provide support for home networks. However, here are a few basic troubleshooting steps you can try before checking with your ISP or network hardware manufacturer’s website for support links.
  • Restart your computer or mobile device.
  • Try connecting to your home Wi-Fi network again.
  • Ensure that you are entering the correct Wi-Fi password.
  • Try connecting to another wireless network nearby or use a mobile hotspot.


What software or applications are on my student device?

  • Student devices have limited software/applications installed on them. All student devices have Zoom, MS Teams, as well as curriculum-based applications.  All of which are accessible through Clever.


Can I save files to my student device?

  • No, all student files should be saved to their OneDrive Account.

Will my student device receive Windows or iOS updates?

  • iPads will not receive iOS updates.
  • Window devices will receive updates. If your device has a pending update, you will be notified when powering off the device.  Please be sure to allow time for your device to complete the Windows update.

What if I do not have internet access at home?


Does my student need a Zoom Account?

  • No, students will never join a Class Zoom using a Zoom account. Students will simply click the class link provided by their teacher to join the class.

How do I access Technical Support?

How is the district securing my student’s device?
  • All devices provided by HSD153 have an internet content filter installed.
How often should my student restart their district issued laptop or iPad?
  • It is recommended that students restart their devices once a day.
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