Frequently Asked Questions

What should a parent do if someone in the family gets sick or encounters someone with COVID-19?

The Centers for Disease Control recommends the following:
• If you or an immediate family member starts to show symptoms (a fever, cough, difficulty breathing), contact your health care provider for instructions about how to proceed. PLEASE CALL YOUR PROVIDER FIRST.
• Call the school immediately if you or an immediate family member comes into contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19.
• Call the school and the Illinois Department of Public Health (1-800-889-3931) immediately if you or an immediate family member is diagnosed with COVID-19.
• For general illnesses, keep your student home from school if they are sick for at least 24 hours AFTER there is no longer a fever or signs of a fever without the use of a fever-reducing medication.

What happens when a student or staff member is sick at school?

We are counting on staff members to stay at home when they are sick and for parents to keep their sick students at home. If a staff member comes down with symptoms during the school day, they are immediately sent home. Students who become sick during the day are isolated, usually in the nurse’s office, until they are picked up.

Will the school district exclude students or staff members if they are showing symptoms?

Decisions to quarantine students or others can only be made by state or local public health officials. If a student, staff member, or volunteer presents at school with a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing after visiting an affected region, we will immediately notify the local health department and follow their instructions.

Who would make the decision to close District 153 schools?

District administrators and the Board of Education, acting in accordance with guidance from our state and local public health departments, will make the final decision if conditions require the closure of schools.